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Shapewear Guide II: How Long Does A Shapewear Last?

Once you’ve tried the shapewear, you’ll quickly wonder how your wardrobe has gone! And the more variety you have, the more you can enjoy the way you feel sexy and confident every day, no matter what you wear. As you create a shapewear collection, you may be wondering what the shelf life of these clothes […]

Tips To Avoid Pinching & Rolling While Waist Training

When wearing a corset while waist training, the goal is to have a thinner, a flat stomach. You want your clothes to stay in place all day without pinching, slipping or rising and falling. However, we sometimes get questions from customers whose trainers do precisely what they are not supposed to do, which can be […]

5 Ultimate Reasons To Rely On Shapewear

They say ‘walk as if three men are walking behind you’ and by this we mean en-robe some decent shapewear. We assure you that you will be just loving every ounce of your body. Shapewear’s are terrific and simply squeeze you in! And, that’s how all the celebrities do it. The latest waist trainer has a […]

The Perfect Shapewear To Wear Under Jeans

Are you struggling to find the best shapewear that fits perfectly well? Do you have a problem wearing your favourite pair of jeans from last winter that don’t fit well now – you can put them on but the zip keeps on coming down, and your waistband is really tight. We assume that you don’t […]

11 Types of Shapewear To Look Slimmer and Sexier

types of shapewear

Most of the ladies out there think of a flat belly and sexy busts when they talk about shapewear. But, do you know toned arms and stunning thighs are also important for an overall perfect body shape? Or, probably you are confused between control pants and corsets; is it so? Don’t worry! Here, we will […]