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Tips To Avoid Pinching & Rolling While Waist Training

When wearing a corset while waist training, the goal is to have a thinner, a flat stomach. You want your clothes to stay in place all day without pinching, slipping or rising and falling. However, we sometimes get questions from customers whose trainers do precisely what they are not supposed to do, which can be […]

Is It A Good Idea To Sleep With A Waist Trainer On?

The short Answer: Wearing a Waist Trainer while sleeping is a super-excellent idea! You can wear the waist trainer corset all night because it is a more favourable shot to keep wearing for many hours. Sleeping in a waist cincher corset is very helpful if you are serious about the waist training! ‘The more time […]

The Truth About Losing Beer Belly With Waist Trainers

Let’s do the real talking – do waist trainers make you lose weight? Find out below if it’s more bogus than beneficial. Shapewear or waist trainers are not just a tool to a slimmer and curvier body but are a real motivation that can help you with a healthier lifestyle. Doing stuff like shopping or […]