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How to Waist Train Safely & Effectively – Tips for Success

Waist training

Waist training is a trend that is gaining immense popularity, especially among women. It is helpful in reducing the waist size and provides eminence to the curves of the waist. So, if you are looking to start the waist training, then it is imperative for you to know that how should you waist train safely […]

The Untold Physical Benefits Of Waist Cincher Corset

The first and the foremost reason why most of the women initially turn to waist cincher corset is their hunger for getting a perfect “S” shape.  We simply can’t deny the fact that the appeal of classing hourglass figure and a steel boned waist trainer can help you build the thin waistline you crave instantly. […]

The Distinction Between Waist Cinchers & Bustiers

THE FACT – waist cinchers and bustiers seem similar but they are not! They are completely different clothes that serve entirely different purposes. From the origins of the words themselves to their benefits, closures, and prices, we will further explain precisely the difference between a corset and a bustier. In other words – just like […]

Are You Medically Unfit? Here’s How Corsets Can Help You!

You already know that steel boned waist corsets are not only perfect for strengthening your waist and boosting your self-esteem, but you’ve probably never thought about a medical corset? A waist trainer does not necessarily have to cure your diabetes or heart disease, except, of course, it helps you stay motivated to adopt a healthy […]

2 Waist Training Steps That Help You Become A Pro

One of the great things about waist training is that anyone can do it. Regardless of your height, weight, morphology, fitness level or experience, wearing a belt trainer as a daily routine may be right for you. Whether you want to slim down or want to firm and tone your abdomen, you can use a […]

How Is Shapewear Your Quick Fix For Every Occasion?

Let’s just create a real-life scenario! You are in front of the mirror about to attend a dinner with dozens of clothes at hand without knowing what to wear. You choose a few different dresses in your wardrobe, you try them and here you go, love handles here and there! Try a black dress – […]

How To Break In Your New Waist Cincher?

You have found the perfect waist cincher corset! You may want to try it and tighten it, but it’s a good idea to start by completely breaking your corset. This will ensure that the garment is not damaged and that you have the most comfortable corseting experience. Here’s everything you must to know about how […]

Cracking The Waist Training Code!

You must have heard the hype about waist training and the celebrities who swear by it. But what exactly is it? Waist training applies to the practice of wearing a shrinking suit, such as a corset at the waist to reduce the size of your waist. As with any product, there are benefits and risks. […]

Shapewear Guide II: How Long Does A Shapewear Last?

Once you’ve tried the shapewear, you’ll quickly wonder how your wardrobe has gone! And the more variety you have, the more you can enjoy the way you feel sexy and confident every day, no matter what you wear. As you create a shapewear collection, you may be wondering what the shelf life of these clothes […]

Waist Cincher Lacing Gap – How Wide Should It Be?

In short: whether you wear a waist cincher with a slit in the back or a closed laced, you prefer 99%, unless the corset maker you ordered does not come to help you. With Most OTR Corsets, The Size You Witness Is The Size You Get. In other words: if you buy a waist trainer […]