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Wrap Your Natural Beauty With Swimwear That Fits Your Body

If you want to show off the best you this swimwear season, you are at the right place. HOWARD GOODS swimwear is all you need to enhance and complement your natural beauty – no matter what your shape is. We solely focus on designs that don’t hide or minimize your flaws. But indeed looks that […]

How Is Shapewear Your Quick Fix For Every Occasion?

Let’s just create a real-life scenario! You are in front of the mirror about to attend a dinner with dozens of clothes at hand without knowing what to wear. You choose a few different dresses in your wardrobe, you try them and here you go, love handles here and there! Try a black dress – […]

4 Ways Our Shapewear Shells You and Your Daily Life

Versatility, style, & comfort – these items are at the top of the list of every modern woman’s requirements regarding the clothes she wears every day and the qualities she never wants to miss. Of course, the clothes you wear for special occasions may have some exceptions – you do not expect the same comfort […]

Why Should You Buy Shapewear for Your Wedding?

“Shapewear is the canvas and the wedding attire is the art” Brides always desire for that absolute – perfect look on their wedlock day. Their dress should glorify their figure, and they should have the suitable underwear to accompany it. The best undergarment to buy under a wedding dress is the shapewear. Its style, comfort […]

Why Our Mesh Steel Boned Waist Trainers Are So Effective?

Steel Boned Waist Trainers are some of our favorite choices for waist training. And do you know what’s the best things about them? It is that they come in many fabrics and styles! Whether you want to use a continuous waistline training plan or want to improve your clothes from time to time, there is […]

How To Make Yourself Look Sexier With Shapewear?

The holidays are already in sight, and you may have already started looking for that perfect dress for December. Wear shapewear under your clothes and let your figure come out beautifully. Women love shapewear, but it must, of course, be sweet and ‘tasty’. Below tips for the perfect shapewear for every part of the body […]

Ultimate Plus Size Shapewear Guide

Are you struggling to buy plus size body shapers? Well, with our plus size shapewear guide you will never have to struggle again!  Buying plus size shapewear can be one of the most confusing and overwhelming shopping experiences. When faced with aisles full of body shapers in a department store, one look at all of […]

5 Ultimate Reasons To Rely On Shapewear

They say ‘walk as if three men are walking behind you’ and by this we mean en-robe some decent shapewear. We assure you that you will be just loving every ounce of your body. Shapewear’s are terrific and simply squeeze you in! And, that’s how all the celebrities do it. The latest waist trainer has a […]

The Perfect Shapewear To Wear Under Jeans

Are you struggling to find the best shapewear that fits perfectly well? Do you have a problem wearing your favourite pair of jeans from last winter that don’t fit well now – you can put them on but the zip keeps on coming down, and your waistband is really tight. We assume that you don’t […]

Shapewear – The Secret Behind Every Perfect Look

We all are in search of something or someone. But, one thing that has not changed over the years is our search to the best shapewear ‘or’ our way of finding a miracle that let us look our best – especially when the weather gets warmer. In summers, we cannot disguise our extra weight like […]