How to Waist Train Safely & Effectively – Tips for Success

Waist training

Waist training is a trend that is gaining immense popularity, especially among women. It is helpful in reducing the waist size and provides eminence to the curves of the waist. So, if you are looking to start the waist training, then it is imperative for you to know that how should you waist train safely […]

The Untold Physical Benefits Of Waist Cincher Corset

The first and the foremost reason why most of the women initially turn to waist cincher corset is their hunger for getting a perfect “S” shape.  We simply can’t deny the fact that the appeal of classing hourglass figure and a steel boned waist trainer can help you build the thin waistline you crave instantly. […]

Traits of the Best Sports Bra for Gym-Going Ladies


The sports bra is the best pal for the ladies who hit the gym every day. A perfect sports bra is one that provides absolute shape and support to your breast. However, most women today wear compression sports bras that create stability by pressing down against the chest wall. Experts say that this is the […]

Deciding The Type of Sexy Lingerie That’s Ideal for Your Body Type

Women come in many shapes and sizes, and we adore them all. However, the varying body proportions can make it incredibly dreadful to shop for the perfect undergarments that flatter the body. Over time, women have (almost) aced shopping for the basics like bra and panties. One thumb rule for bra shopping is knowing your […]

Myths Debunked: The Truth You Need To Know About Waist Trainers

Waist Trainers Myths

There is no denying that women used waist trainers since the 1800’s, and they came out to be as an important fashion accessory until the late 60’s. Even in the present era, the Kardashians and other leading Hollywood models have been wearing them under their dresses. Made up of premium quality fabrics, they have the […]

Wearing Waist Trainers Everyday- Pros and Cons You Need To Know!

Waist Trainers

Have you ever looked at Victoria’s Secret Angels or celebs like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and wished if you could also get the curves like them? Well, who does not! However, a crash diet or lifting weights for a day is simply not going to get you those curves. There is only one thing that […]

The Distinction Between Waist Cinchers & Bustiers

THE FACT – waist cinchers and bustiers seem similar but they are not! They are completely different clothes that serve entirely different purposes. From the origins of the words themselves to their benefits, closures, and prices, we will further explain precisely the difference between a corset and a bustier. In other words – just like […]