How to Dress to Look Slimmer for a Cocktail Party?

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Worried about looking slimmer for a cocktail party? Yes? Don’t worry; you are not alone, it’s the everyday chapter of a woman life.

But, if you are waiting for a genie to come and make you look slimmer for the date night then don’t because it is not going to work. You need an outfit that only makes your date night memorable and unforgettable but also boosts your confidence.

It is not always possible to keep yourself in shape and cocktail party is the one situation where you would want to look slimmer. There are times when you need to look great, and you don’t have a few minutes or hours to do so.

Therefore, you need tips to look slimmer for date nights, and we are going to give you the best of them.

Posture is everything


Surprised? But, it is true as a good posture has the power to make you look slimmer. Women can have the best posture while they are wearing heels. If you cannot manage the posture with heels, then all you need to do is squaring your shoulder, lifting your chest, pulling in your tummy little bit and lastly lifting your chin. Wondering, why you need to do all this? Well, a good posture can make you appear and feel taller which means you will automatically look slimmer.

Layering it up

Layer it up

Let’s break a myth of the century. People believe that if you are adding more layers, then it can make you look gaining extra pounds or something like that. But this is just not so true. It’s the biggest myth that people are having in their minds.  Try adding layers, and you will notice that it gives your body an excellent definition. The bonus is it doesn’t provide a direct body view to the people. What else do you want? So, without any fear layer it up now and look slimmer for your cocktail party within a few minutes.

Black is your best friend

Black be your BFF

Yes, fill your wardrobe with all black; we understand your love for pastels and whites. If you want to look slim, then be ready to sacrifice something. If you are using one color for enhancing that illusion that is slender, then it is one of the oldest tricks. It doesn’t work that much these days. Wear all black, and you will notice the difference. It is the most effective and chicest methods that you can go for.

If you love wearing monochromic dressing, then a trick is keeping the silhouette crisp and tailored. Make sure that you are staying away from pale colors such as beige.

Investing in Shapewear


We often hear from women that why they should be wearing Shapewear or why they must invest in it. This is the answer to their question. Shapewear’s are a blessing for women having a bulky structure in fact for every woman out there who wants to look slim. You should wear it to your cocktail party because it ensures taming the fat around your tummy, thigh and hip area. It also acts as the catalyst for making you appear slimmer. So, invest in a Shapewear and rock the cocktail party.

High-waist jeans

High-waist jeans

You need to add this in your list because they can help you in tucking in most of the flab around your tummy area. It makes you look slimmer, taller and slender. You should consider wearing the jeans that are stretchable and black also that makes a pause near your ankle. You can pair it up with a nice party-top. Get ready to stun the party with your fantastic look with high-waist jeans.


Lingerie is an aspect that you cannot ignore if you want to look slimmer. It acts as the support for everything you are going to build over. Make sure to not wearing a sloppy bra and thongs as it will seek the attention of people to your muffin tops. You must wear a bra having the full coverage whereas your underwear must be stretchable. Also, see that you get underwear that is a high rise for camouflaging the flab around your tummy area.

Investing in lingerie is also a significant investment like Shapewear as you can wear them anytime for occasions like a cocktail party.

Final thoughts

Getting the hourglass look is not that easy but if you follow these tips then definitely you can be the center of attraction. Just ensure that you always make your choices as per your comfort and more than that confidence is what plays the most crucial role.

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