Deciding The Type of Sexy Lingerie That’s Ideal for Your Body Type

Women come in many shapes and sizes, and we adore them all. However, the varying body proportions can make it incredibly dreadful to shop for the perfect undergarments that flatter the body.

Over time, women have (almost) aced shopping for the basics like bra and panties. One thumb rule for bra shopping is knowing your size and finding a bra that enhances your breasts and keeps the headlights at bay. Similarly, shopping for panties is all about finding some beautiful lacy pieces that can protect the private lady parts from difficult pant fabrics.

But what about the lingerie?

Well, shopping for the perfect lingerie that makes you look and feel sexy is all about knowing your body type and flaunting your best features. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to find the perfect lingerie for body type.

Apple Shaped Figure

Women with the apple-shaped figure are top heavy. They have a larger bust than hips, wide torso, broad shoulders and slimmer legs and arms. Apple body shaped women tend to gain weight quickly around the waistline.

What to wear?

Considering that women with apple shaped figure have the widest measurements around the bust area and wait, opting for lingerie that elongates the line of your body helps flatter the figure. Here are some beautiful options:


Ditch the traditional bra and panty and opt for a one-piece bodysuit. A bodysuit effortlessly lengthens the body line and compliments your curves. A plunging “V” shaped neckline enhances the sensuality and looks tasteful. If you are on the bustier side, a bodysuit with underwire will offer the much-needed support. Take a look at this Marissa Teddy Bodysuit for inspiration.



A babydoll is another playful and sexy option that will emphasize your best features. It typically features a structured bust and flared dress that draws the attention to your bust and legs. This Willow Babydoll will look quite flattering on Apple shaped ladies of all sizes.

  • Other Sexy Lingerie’s to try:

Halter bras paired with high waist panties also look really attractive on women with hourglass body type. High waist panties provide extra coverage to the mid-section, while halter bras render a feminine look, pulling attention towards the bust.

Pear Shaped Figure

 As opposed to the apple shaped body type, the women with pear-shaped figure have a tiny bust and a wide bottom. Their waist is nicely defined and the buttocks and thighs are also full and round.

What to wear?

Women with pear-shaped figure must focus on creating an hourglass-like silhouette by showing off their assets which is the waistline. Go for lingerie that draws attention to your shoulder, arms, and clavicle.

Padded bras help with a smaller bust, while high cut low waist bottoms render a slimming effect to the lower body.

Bella Babydoll

Lacy lingerie like this Bella babydoll perfectly compliments a pear-shaped woman.


Women with hourglass figures are the envy of all ladies around the world. They have a curvy body with a well-defined waistline and roughly even bust and hip measurements. Fuller bust, hips and thighs give them a voluptuous figure that allows them to flaunt almost every type of lingerie.

But the question remains!

What to wear?

Ladies with hourglass body type have similarly proportioned bust and hips. The narrowest measurement in their waistline and hence choosing outfits that draw attention to waist creates a flattering look. Sexy bra and high leg panties look really attractive on an hourglass figure. Suspender belts and corsets are other pieces of lingerie you might want to try.

 Check out this Alzey Two Piece Set! This is a perfect lingerie for a lady with an hourglass figure.


Approximately, one-third of the women have a rectangular body type. Their curves are evenly proportioned, but the waist is not well defined. Rectangle body shape women also tend to have broad shoulders and chunky calves.

What to wear?

In order to flatter your figure, focus on shapely garments that create an illusion of a well-defined waist and gives you a curvy look. Opt for lingerie pieces that accentuate your bust and hip, or perhaps both.

We hope you find this post helpful in choosing the most flattering lingerie for your figure. Enjoy a less dreadful shopping next time!

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