Myths Debunked: The Truth You Need To Know About Waist Trainers

Waist Trainers Myths

There is no denying that women used waist trainers since the 1800’s, and they came out to be as an important fashion accessory until the late 60’s. Even in the present era, the Kardashians and other leading Hollywood models have been wearing them under their dresses.

Made up of premium quality fabrics, they have the latest design and laces that are suitable for all ages and styles. However, with styles, there are some known myths that are associated with waist trainers.

Some say they make you lose weight and other groups of people say that they help you maintain a toned figure. But when it comes to selecting a waist trainer, here are the truths that you need to know about them-

Waist Trainer Are Quite Uncomfortable

As waist trainers came into recognition, they were just limited to certain standard and restricted sizing limits. One standard size came as a problem for women with plus size, and hence they were termed as uncomfortable.

Myth Debunked

With the latest innovations in the clothing industry, the waist trainers are made up of breathable fabrics and work according to your body shape. Moreover, they come with the soft inner panels that keep on providing relief to your skin, regardless of the season and occasion.

However, you will only feel slight discomfort, if you are not used to them or your girdle is taking time to get in its shape.

Waist Trainers Myths

Waist Training Get Your Waist In A Smaller Size


If you wrap a tight bandage or a covering around your waist, you will have a slight compression in your soft tissue. But, after some time, that compression will come back to its normal shape again.

Myth Debunked

Same is the case with waist training. If you are wearing a waist trainer for longer durations, it is sure to slim your waist. But the results are temporary.

If you want a slim waist temporarily, you can wear the waist trainer underneath your dress or go for a combination of proper diet and exercise.

They Do Not Help You Post Pregnancy

They say that the waist trainer does not help you post-pregnancy, but here is what you need to know actually.

When your wear waist trainers post-pregnancy, it reduces the overall uterus swelling. It takes up all the skin, holds your belly area, and gives proper shape to your figure.

Waist Trainers Myths

Waist Trainers Injure Your Back

The myth says that waist trainers injure your back; when you workout while wearing them or when you adorn them for longer durations.

Myth Debunked

But the truth is that Waist Trainer offers you exceptional posture control and supports your back too. They force you up into a straight posture since you cannot slump as you wear them. Furthermore, its elastic material tightens your middle area and also offers you abdominal support as well.

It Weakens The Core

Waist Trainers do not weaken your core. Instead, when you combine waist trainers with the right workout, it will actually help in strengthening your core.

All you need is to choose a waist trainer that works for all your sizes and cater all your styling and comfort needs.

Waist Trainers Myths

Waist Trainers Make You Eat Less

This myth is around us as a waist trainer applies pressure to your abdominal area and squishes it. But it certainly does not mean that you will consume fewer calories.

According to research published in Scandinavian Journal Of Primary Health Care, a study was carried out to check, whether the waist trainers help you in weight loss or not.

The subjects were told to wear it for 5 hours, five days a week for complete nine months. However, the subjects did not found it to be effective and did not consider as an option for losing your weight or being a calorie deficit.

The Bottom Line

Waist Trainers work same as other shapewear garments. They support your body, enhance your figure, build up your confidence, and give you an extraordinary feel.

They have been around us for centuries (oldest one dating back to 1500’s.) And, hence they are not causing any harm to us or our health. Moreover, we have debunked all the related myths above to your rescue. So, when are you getting your waist trainer?

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