The Distinction Between Waist Cinchers & Bustiers

THE FACT – waist cinchers and bustiers seem similar but they are not! They are completely different clothes that serve entirely different purposes. From the origins of the words themselves to their benefits, closures, and prices, we will further explain precisely the difference between a corset and a bustier.

In other words – just like there is always a room for improvement, in the same way, there is room for both in your wardrobe, but if you want to achieve an hourglass-shaped figure with waist training, it’s a job that only a steel boned waist trainer can do.


The root of the word corset is “horns,” which translates literally as “body” in English of the 13th century. This makes a lot of sense because waist trainer or corsets are not just outfits to wear from bust to hip, but a tool that works with your body to shape an hourglass outline.

On the other hand, the heart of the bustier (pronounced “boost-yey”) is the “bust,” which English speakers have acknowledged since the 1600s as “chest” or “breast.” Again, that’s good; the goal of a bustier is to “boost” the chest.


Another great benefit of a corset is its laces. With the metal eyelets clinging to the front, the laces at the back allow you to tighten your waist as tight as you like. This will be especially helpful when your waistline starts to decrease – which will be the case if you wear your corset diligently. According to the “rule of THUMB,” wearing it every day for two hours or more than for two weeks can result in a reduction of up to two inches.

The bustiers do not have laces; Hook closures and eyelets similar to a bra. If you take or lose weight, you will need to buy a new bustier.


Most of the people just see at the short-term benefits of wearing the corset. They want to tighten their size for a big day, like a wedding; however, the majority of us are looking for more sustainable and permanent results.

The corsets are steel boned, which over time will reduce your natural waistline and lead to your hourglass abdomen. If you’re just starting out at the waist or want to know more, check out our Waist Training Guide- Everything You Need to Know Before Starting!

The advantage of a bustier lies in the fact that it has not steel boned and is, therefore, more flexible. A bustier will do the trick. Just know that there will not be permanent results.


A bustier is something you can find just about anywhere. The cost varies depending on which brand you choose.

Corsets are a little more than an investment. After all, it’s not something you’ll wear once or twice but forget about it. If you plan to train at the waist, you will wear it almost every day.

That said, we offer reasonable and practical waist cincher corset collection. Each of them is steel boned and is, therefore, suitable for size training. Given the many benefits of a corset, it is definitely worth it! There is a wide variety of waist cinchers on our site, but do not be overwhelmed. We can explain how to choose the style that suits you.

Refer to our blog page right away and read what you are missing out all these days! We have covered everything from latex waist cinchers to waist training guide and how you can get perfect 6 PACK ABS with a waist trainer on.

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PRO-TIP – Whether you choose a corset under the bust or over the bust, a steel-boned waist cincher is the recommended method when training at the waist (all HOWARD GOODS corsets are boned steel corsets).

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