Why Should You Buy Shapewear for Your Wedding?

Shapewear is the canvas and the wedding attire is the art

Brides always desire for that absolute – perfect look on their wedlock day. Their dress should glorify their figure, and they should have the suitable underwear to accompany it. The best undergarment to buy under a wedding dress is the shapewear. Its style, comfort and ease of use make it the best option to wear with a wedding dress. There is no skepticism that the bride will be at her best and will feel good about wearing a jewel on her wedding day.

Most of the companies have designed shapewear clothing specifically for wedding dresses. Whatever the style of dress, strapless, mermaid or traditional, some pieces work for everyone. The list below gives details of the shapewear clothing best suited to the style of dress.

Style Of Dress – Cocktail Style

A cocktail-style is often mid-length, so avoid shapewear pieces too low for people to see. Cocktail dresses go well with a bodysuit underneath or even a pair of underpants.

Style Of Dress – Traditional

Traditional dresses are often loose; therefore, you can opt for a squeegee to help tighten the waist and belly. If thighs and hips are your target area, choose a pair of shorts or shapewear shorts.

Style Of Dress – Strapless

Strapless, it’s harder to choose a piece of shapewear because you are restricted to pieces that can easily be hidden. If you are going to wear a strapless dress, you can go with a strapless bodyshaper or even a pair of waist cinches or shape memory.

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Style Of Dress – Lace/Silk

Lace or silk wedding dresses also offer you limited options for shaped pieces because they are thinner. Lace and silk dress also tend to take colors underneath; you want to choose something that is transparent, so it does not show under your clothes. Select a neutral tone rather than white works best.

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Word To The Wise

  • Shapewear comes with ‘no strings attached’ on your wedding day and any other day of your life. If you like how it makes you look and feel, go for it!
  • But if the idea of ​​sneaking under your dress already structured, boned, zipped and buttoned makes you shudder, jump! The happiness on your face will be much more genuine if you are contented in your dress.
  • When trying on dresses, keep in mind your opinions on the undergarments.
  • Tell your consultant if you are going to wear the HOWARD GOODS shapewear so she can help you find a style of dress that will be fabulous on your body no matter what.
  • We love the way the dresses with larger skirts allow you to wear anything you want. Bring the cotton comfortable! And if you need a little support, opt for silhouettes that allow you to wear a bra or styles that incorporate structures and boning.

Taking Everything Into Account

Shapewear will undoubtedly make you look slimmer, and ultimately better, on your wedding day. You will feel comfortable and will not even remember that you have it. Although diet and exercise are a great way to lose weight, stress is often difficult during the wedding season. Shapewear can help you be your best without focusing on your diet.

Many celebrities also use shapewear under their dresses directly on the red carpet. This allows them to feel confident in front of people and to bring them to light knowing that their body is fabulous in their beautiful dress. With shapewear, you can also get that confidence.

Do you have any tips on what to wear under your wedding dress? Have you ever tried wearing any of our waist cincher corset or body shaper on your wedding day, share in the comments below!

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