How To Make Yourself Look Sexier With Shapewear?

The holidays are already in sight, and you may have already started looking for that perfect dress for December. Wear shapewear under your clothes and let your figure come out beautifully. Women love shapewear, but it must, of course, be sweet and ‘tasty’. Below tips for the perfect shapewear for every part of the body ; the combination of shapewear and your ideal party dress makes you the shining centre in December at every party!

For Every Size

Do not think that shapewear is only voluptuous ladies. Shapewear is for every woman, in every dimension. It emphasizes your best points and ensures that your figure is as beautiful as possible. For many women, it is attractive to buy a size smaller. Do not do this, but stay with your own size! This is not only much better, but it also looks much more beautiful.

  • But, do you know the right size of your shapewear?
  • What is the right size for your shapewear or the waist cincher?

With shapewear, you can make your figure look even better. To be sure to be, that it is tight, you may choose a size smaller. Do not just choose your own size. Corrective underwear that too small is not good and looks less beautiful. The best result range you merely want your own size. This is the essential tip for it finds the right size.


The dimensions may differ per brand. In the webshop, you will find more in the description and here in the size charts information about the size per brand. You can also receive personal advice by e-mail or telephone (+31 (0) 413 – 322 794) to get.

Of course, you can also try out different sizes because the exchange is never a problem. Moreover, it has recently been possible to get the articles to fit or pick up. From Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm you can contact Control Fashion in Uden for this.

Different Corrective Underwear

Depending on whether it is a corrective pant or a restorative body, you can have various problems experience if you do not have the right size. When the waistband of your pants continues to roll down, you have probably too small a scale. You get a stuffy feeling, or you cannot breathe deeply if you have a body you can often solve this with a size bigger. Get your new rolls where the shapewear is not, then you better take a size bigger. A corrective shirt or corrective dress that is far too long is possible too big for you. The tips briefly summarized;

  • Choose your regular size
  • See how the size of a brand falls out
  • If it is not quite right, the size is not suitable


Who says that shapewear is not hot, is entirely behind? Shapewear does not have to be boring, because nowadays you have corrective underwear in different kinds of fabrics, prints and colours with all sorts of beautiful and beautiful details.

Different Types Of

There are all kinds of shapewear. You can choose whether you want to “shape” your buttocks, breasts, stomach or legs or all of them. Make sure that your body remains in proportion. The lookbook below shows the different types of shapewear, namely: a dress, shorts, singlet (torsette), waist shapers, skirts, body and briefs. Under the lookbook, we give tips about the different types.

See What Suits You Best!

As you can see in our collection of different body shapewears, there are several specific models of shapewear. Choosing the right model is essential. Below you can see what, what shapewear will work for you. Only by proper use will your figure improve and you will look even better.

Slip: creates a flat stomach, gives a good shape to the hips and buttocks.

Short: The shorts mainly shape the stomach, buttocks and hips and prevent your upper legs from rubbing against each other. There is a small difference between the lengths of the pipes.

Short with long legs: creates a flat stomach, gives a good shape to the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Short with short legs: corrects the abdomen, hips and buttocks.

Skirt: corrects the abdomen, hips and upper legs.

Body: corrects and flatters your torso (body).

Dress: The dress is stunning under a dress. Any bumps disappear, and your breasts are not pressed flat, because the model falls under your breasts and even gives them a lift. It corrects your entire body including the upper legs. You wear it with your own bra (W.Y.O.B. = Wear Your Own Bra).

Shirt/singlet/torsette: The singlet also falls under the breasts and corrects, just like the skirt and slip, the stomach/stomach zone and waist. It has the same function as the waist shapers and also fixes the whole back part. You also wear this with your own bra.

Waist shape: creates a narrowing of the waist, a flat stomach.


Most of the shapewear is made of nylon, which is not so bad in winter but can be quite warm and soggy in the summer. Therefore go for shapewear of cotton during sunny days.

That One Dress

Do you buy especially for under that one dress shapewear? Take the dress with you when you are going to purchase shapewear or if you order it online, pull it together. This way you can see which kind yields the best result. Because you obviously do not want it to show that your shapewear can be seen afterwards. Also, think about where you could use the shapewear even more. So you do not only have to wear it with this specific dress, but also for more outfits.

You absolutely do not have to be ashamed of wearing shapewear. If you do it right, nobody will see it. Did you know that most ‘celebs’ also carry it?

If you have any query, let us know in the comments below; we’ll try our best to assist you in every possible way!

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