Ultimate Plus Size Shapewear Guide

Are you struggling to buy plus size body shapers? Well, with our plus size shapewear guide you will never have to struggle again!  Buying plus size shapewear can be one of the most confusing and overwhelming shopping experiences. When faced with aisles full of body shapers in a department store, one look at all of the various styles is enough to make you stop and run back out.

Most of the women who have a full figure and are somewhat large or extra large want to buy plus size shapewear for an evening dress finds it harder to know where to start in the store. You will be completely overwhelmed by the number of choices in front of you. But sometimes you will be flustered and frustrated! Not because you will have too many options to choose from. But, because you are a plus size woman and you would barely find the size you need. That’s when we at HOWARD GOODS thought we should come to rescue ladies who are still struggling to find the plus size body shapewear for that evening dress.

And, we guarantee that Buying plus size body shapers online can be a delightful experience if you follow our simple steps;

Step 1

Identify the body part you need to buy the plus size shapewear for. Because there are so many body shapers for different parts of the body, this will really help you to narrow down your selection. Visit our collection for a guide on the various types of body shapers and the best steel boned waist trainer for plus size!

Question yourself;

  • What do you want it to do for your body?
  • What you need the body shapewear for?
  • Do you want it to lift, enhance or slenderize?
  • What items of clothing do you intend to wear under it?

If you want shapewear to suck in your gut, decrease your waist size, you require shapewear that is known for qualities like ‘firm control’ or ‘firm compression.’ Since these kinds of material are made from thicker materials that have very little give, to completely contour your body. If you simply want to smooth out your lumps and bump, look more streamlined and smooth, then you need a light control garment as these are made from lighter materials and are less constrictive.

Step 2

If you don’t already know your measurements, you are advised to get it done now. If you are a plus size women, bear in mind that not all body shapers come in the simple L, XL double XL etc. Some of them are based on your back, waist or chest measurements. So make a note of your body measurements as you may need those to see if they are available in your size.

Step 3

One of the ultimate benefits of buying plus size shapewear is that the full range of sizes is always available online, but not necessarily in stores. If you are actually plus size, many of the regular larger sizes accessible in stores will not fit you. The upside of this is that there are many plus size shapewear specialists online like us for we have a ton of excellent body shapers to choose from.

So when buying, the best thing our advice is to buy a selection of the type of shapewear you want to buy and mix different waist cinchers. Each corset feels slightly different, although they do the same thing. So find the one that you feel most comfortable in:

Assemble a collection of shapewear into your shopping basket, making sure they are the correct size. Also, make sure you buy the size that you are NOT the size that you want to be! Because that will be a harrowing and uncomfortable experience. When they arrive, try them on and send back any that you don’t feel comfortable in. We offer a 60-day full refund, so that’s plenty of time to get a good feel out of them.


Returns must have a Howardgoods.com return authorization number before return. Return appeals must be made within 60 days of bill date. Returns must be shipped prepaid freight, with the authorization number shown on the outside of all cartons. And physically received by Howardgoods.com within 75 days of invoice date


We hope that our plus size shapewear guide will help you unquestionably. Happy shopping!

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