How Do You Actually Choose The Best Bikini?

It’s that time of the year again – it’s time to buy the best bikini or a swimsuit. Every woman wants to steal the show on the beach or next to the pool, and we have the perfect Bodysuit in Bikini collection for creating a head-turn look.  We know how to impress the bikini sets, bathing suits and beach accessories – such as Natalie Strapless Bodysuit in Bikini, comfy jumpsuits and a must-have beach towel.

This season is all about bright colors such as yellow, coral and deep dark blue in combination with stylish black and khaki Draped details, color-block designs.

But how do you choose the best bikini top? No idea? Read on to know how;

Body Shapes For The Best Bikini!


For a V-line, a short is a good choice. In terms of design, horizontal stripes on the bottom and a uni-colored top are the best. Do you prefer a bathing suit? Then go for a copy with a V-neck that has not been cut too deep.

O-Line / Apple

The O-line is best for a bottom or swimsuit with a French leg cut: high cut to accentuate the slim legs, making the whole body look slimmer. In addition, choose a straight neckline, wide shoulder straps and pre-formed under wired cups. Does the choice fall on a bathing suit? Then choose a copy with belly reinforcement. Are you a fuller apple? Then choose a bathing suit or shorts with a skirt and put the accent on the décolleté with details.

A-Line Straight

The A-line Straight is best for a swimsuit or bikini with a push-up or bracket. Details in a contrasting plain and dark color at the top or at the bottom are the best. If you have a less bulky backside, choose printed bodysuit in bikini to conceal this optically. Put the accent with colors and prints at the top and select solid colors at the bottom.


For an H-line it is essential to draw attention to the top instead of the hips. Choose stripes or motifs at the top because they widen the upper body. Go for black pants to narrow your hips. Do you prefer a bathing suit rather than a bikini? Then drop the choice on a swimsuit with an asymmetrical line pattern in a two-tone color combination. This breaks the relationship between the upper and lower body.

8-Line / Hourglass

The 8-line can go many ways with swimwear. Almost everything is possible in terms of designs and silhouettes. Go for a high cut pants or swimsuit and choose a solid color. Decorative details such as bows are allowed, but not over-the-top. Choose to be tailored to make your beautiful waist come true.


The X-line is good to choose a bottom or swimsuits that are high cut to extend the legs optically. Or choose a normal cut bottom that is trimmed with black; this also lengthens the legs optically. Try to put the accent at the top with a low cut décolleté, a striking color or with decorative details.

Do you also have?

Big Breasts

If you have large breasts, it is important to choose a bikini top that provides good support. Therefore go for a bikini with a brace and where you can adjust the shoulder straps. Do you have narrower hips in addition to large breasts? Then go for shorts with bows on the sides or with a peplum for balancing your female body shape.

Small Breasts

The easiest way to give your breasts a natural volume is to choose a top with padded cups. Details such as fringes, bows and ruffles also provide extra volume.

Long Legs

With long legs you automatically have a shorter upper body. Therefore choose a low cut bottom to create more length at the top. Choose a top with an all-over print and do as little as possible for decorative details.

Short Legs

Create longer legs with the help of high-waist shorts. This retro-inspired design is back again and works super flattering.

Bright blue seas, pearly white beaches and the blistering sun. Delicious, the summer and the holidays are coming again. And, for this very season, every woman naturally needs a (or more) good bikini. That is why we have made an exclusive selection of the most feminine and stylish bikinis above, bathing suits and accessories especially for you. For when you enjoy swimming, sunbathing or lounging.

HOWARD GOODS is on a mission to make every woman look good, and we promise you to deliver only the best!

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