The Truth About Losing Beer Belly With Waist Trainers

Let’s do the real talking – do waist trainers make you lose weight? Find out below if it’s more bogus than beneficial.

Shapewear or waist trainers are not just a tool to a slimmer and curvier body but are a real motivation that can help you with a healthier lifestyle. Doing stuff like shopping or cleaning your home can make your waist sweat if you are wearing a waist trainer or a waist cincher corset. That can count as being active depending on how much you shop, clean and work.  The mall and the waist trainer can actually substitute a gym session on most occasions. And, we are not kidding.

Below are few-explained things about waist trainers and how they rule out the most of beer belly fat from your body;

How Beer Leads To Belly Fat?

Beer prompts a rise in fat deposition and blocks fat burning process with increased content of ‘phytoestrogen’ in the intake. It can also drive to hormonal changes in your body and extended fat deposition around the belly area. Beer results in increased appetite which leads to consumption of caloric foods. Do you think beer belly is the result of drinking beer? Not necessarily.

  • Your eating habits affect your body
  • Genetic factors play an important role
  • Gender is also a problem
  • Age makes the problem worse

How to Lose Your Beer Belly?

Waist trainer corset help in dropping the belly fat by cinching a corset around your waist which ends in an hourglass figure. The corset contracts the stomach physically and stops you from overeating. Cinching re-distributes the fat around your waistline from the mid-section space and results in slimmer look. You need to undergo resolute waist training along with diet and exercises to accomplish best results otherwise waist training alone will not help you lose belly fat as it will return as soon as you take off your corset.


  • Protein will help you beat excess abdominal fat
  • High-quality sleep can reduce stress and control appetite
  • Weightlifting can also help in reducing or melting belly fat
  • Timed steady- state exercises will give your much better results.
  • Control your food intake by controlling the pressure due to the rise in cortisol levels will enhance appetite.

How To Get The Best Results?

1. Buy a High-Quality Waist Trainer

You are recommended to purchase a high-quality waist trainer garment that not only fits adequately but is comfortable too. A high-quality waist trainer ought to help you in weight-loss, provide support to your hip and rib cage area. A well-fitting waist trainer corset is pleasant and results in effective shaping inspiring you to wear it for longer hours. The corset should be technical enough to hold your body tension and perfectly stitched so that it is cost-effective and durable.

2. Make a Waist Training Schedule
  • Chase a proper waist training plan by either wearing a corset 8 hourly while working or 10 hours while sleeping.
  • Set up a good routine along with daily exercises and diet plans to lose belly fat.
  • Along with exercises and healthy meals – reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages and start consuming healthy foods.

It is hard to do away with of belly fat as it is pigheaded. So, try creating a waist training ‘to-do list’ with proper intervals and workouts so that it helps in increase sweating level which results in momentous weight loss. Waist training contributes to control food cravings by cinching the waist at the belly level.

The Final Verdict

Consumption of beer can lead to weight gain particularly belly fat. Therefore, keep away from drinking in high amounts and stop yourself from weight gain. Moderate drinking is not coupled with a beer belly, but if you regularly drink binge drink or beer, you are at an ultimate risk of gaining belly fat. Belly fat has a domino effect in serious health problems so minimize your risk of weight gain by dropping the intake of alcohol along with exercise and diet plans.


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