The Perfect Shapewear To Wear Under Jeans

Are you struggling to find the best shapewear that fits perfectly well? Do you have a problem wearing your favourite pair of jeans from last winter that don’t fit well now – you can put them on but the zip keeps on coming down, and your waistband is really tight. We assume that you don’t want to buy a new pair as you really love this pair of jeans.

Our Solution, of course, is ‘shapewear!

You can wear some high-quality and super slimming shapewear under your jeans that will not only make you look slimmer but will give you a more confident look and will be much more ‘jeanilicious.’

Now, read on some of the best things that needs to be considered before choosing your shapewear;

1. Low/ High Waisted Shapewear

Do you want to show any flesh? If your preferred style of wearing jeans with a top which flashes a little bit of your tummy then you are recommended to choose ‘Low Waisted Shapewear.’ Because showing your shapewear off won’t look good at all. If you would like to show shapewear around your middle, opt for ‘High Waisted Shapewear’ in Black.

2. Shapewear That Shapes Well

Everyone needs a nice bum. Well, who wouldn’t? Though some shapewear just doesn’t flatter your bum, and this doesn’t make a big difference if you are wearing under skirts or dresses. However, it does matter too much under jeans and trousers. So, go for shapewear that shapes as well as ‘Slim Bottom.’

3. Tight Jeans

If you prefer wearing very tight and skinny jeans you need to choose shapewear that ‘tapers-off’ against your thighs. This simply means no banding or stitching on the edge. Some shapewear possess folded fabric at the ends which works amazingly. The other shapewear has ‘laser-cut edges’ which are great too.

Remember: Even though the jeans material is quite sturdy, you can, however, see harsh bound or banded shapewear on your thighs. Think between the lines.

4. The Muffin Top

How tight is your waistband? Too tight and stiff? If your belly fat is lingering behind you are suggest ed to buy ‘high waisted shapewear’ – it’s one of the most amazing and preferred stuff that sucks in all the rolls around your tummy and waist and smoothes everything out all the way up to under your bra. Opt out for high waisted shapewear that has some form of an anti-slip strip or even detachable bra straps to make sure it stays in place.

5. Open or Closed Gusset?

High waisted shapewear has an opening gusset, and low waisted shapewear has a closed gusset just as a rule of thumb. There are a few exceptions, but it is not much of an issue when choosing shapewear to wear with jeans. You have to pull down the things to use the loo anyway so that you can pull down a bit of shapewear too.

6. Seamless Shapewear!

Does the shapewear have to be seamless? We believe that it doesn’t matter if your shapewear has seams or not with regards to choosing shapewear to wear with jeans. The seamed shapewear tends to have seams in a comparable place to jeans – for example the inner thighs. Seams just won’t show under jeans.

7. Knickers OR Shorts?

Which style you pick just depends on whether or not you want to slim your thighs. If you are fancying knickers, make sure you choose a pair that has a ‘sparing knickers led edge.’ Otherwise, you will get the dreaded VPL – visible panty line. We personally advise you to always go for shorts if you have thunder thighs which have a bit of a life of their own!

8. Tummy Controlling!

Do you require tummy controlling? Are you a mother? If yes, your belly needs a lot of control. At times you may find your zip being laid on the top all day once you flatten your tummy bit under the jeans. Choose shapewear with a ‘Tummy Control Shapewear.’ It will eventually help you to flatten out your belly bulges and make you look much slimmer.

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All Things Considered!

Most of the women don’t feel satisfied with the level of cellulite in their body, particularly during times when dresses fail to flatter their silhouettes. Cellulite is a hard battle to win for most women as it takes eternities to disappear. However, there is a superb hack convenient to you and its called SHAPEWEAR! An effective shapewear will not only help smoothen your contours precisely but would also re-distribute the fat in the body and stretch the skin.

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