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Shapewear 101: What You Need Under Your Outfit?

Shapewear 101

Do you remember that moment in Bridget Jones when “Renee” had to decide between those huge and perfect black pants (Shapewear)? Well, who does not! Not only did she have Daniel Cleaver for her with those pants, but she also did look amazing in that golden dress. However, when it comes to us, we all […]

Waist Training- Everything You Need to Know Before Starting

Waist training has been in practice for ages now, but it became a hot shot after the popular celeb Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram of her wearing a waist trainer. Since then, waist training has become a latest trend among the fitness freaks. A waist trainer is hidden apparel which helps you look […]

Should You Wear Shapewear Daily? Read Here.


Do you remember Scarlett O’ Hara laced up in her corset in Gone with the Wind? Well, we can’t deny how painful it looked like! But at the same, we also love those perfect silhouettes under the designer gowns on the red carpets. Shapewear has been worn since the beginning of this century. It is […]

Difference Between Waist Cincher and Corsets


Are waist trainers and corsets the same? If no, what’s the difference between both garments? This is one of the most common questions in the fashion industry. Many people believe that ‘waist trainer’ ‘waist cincher’ and ‘corset’ refer to the same thing. But, it’s not true! Though all these pieces can be used for waist […]

Black is Back! Collection of The Best Black Shapewear!

Best black shapewear

Black is awesome! It reflects your boldness, your confidence and your free spirit. Top of that, black motivates you most of the time. If you are a fan of black, it should not be just about your outermost garments. Wearing black undergarment and shapewear also offers numerous psychological perks. So, we bring you an amazing […]

Here Is How Waist Trainers Help Lose Weight

how do waist trainers work

First thing first! Whether waist trainers help lose weight or not is still a huge debate. Let’s first make it clear. Well, waist trainer certainly helps your weight loss journey. But, if you think you can lose weight just by slapping on a waist trainer without incorporating a healthy lifestyle, you’ll certainly be disappointed. Waist […]

Waist Cincher – Why You Need One Right Now?

waist cincher

Are you a fan of hourglass figures? No, we are not going to talk about gym and surgeries. Try waist cinchers and waist trainers, and we bet you’ll thank us for telling you! You must’ve seen celebrities wearing and taking about waist trainers or cinchers, but you still are not familiar with its benefits. Yes, […]

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About Waist Trainers

waist trainer

Before jumping on a fitness bandwagon, you must be well-informed about its pros and cons. The same goes for waist trainers and its training. Yes, you must’ve heard the celebrities talking about waist trainers, and how they achieved such flattering figure using the one. But, is that celebrities gossip enough to know all about waist […]

Tips To Choose The Right Shapewear For Your Body

Shapewear is great! Even top celebrities like Kardashians, Jessica Alba and more swear by it. It gives you that dreamy red carpet look and makes you appear sexier. But…to pull on that sexier and jaw-dropping look, you need to keep one thing in mind – choose the right shapewear that goes well with your body! […]

11 Types of Shapewear To Look Slimmer and Sexier

types of shapewear

Most of the ladies out there think of a flat belly and sexy busts when they talk about shapewear. But, do you know toned arms and stunning thighs are also important for an overall perfect body shape? Or, probably you are confused between control pants and corsets; is it so? Don’t worry! Here, we will […]